The Ultimate Strike Zone

When you know, you just know

Two years ago, when we at Bizly were unclear about who we were, where we were heading, who we were serving and our purpose in the world, all of our investor and partner discussions followed similar course. Nothing could push us ahead. We couldnt energize new team members to want to join us, we couldnt get hotels excited and investors wouldn’t even reply to us. It wasn’t obvious though, because we never played a strong position with these parties in the first place.

Over the past two years of work, our purpose and focus became clear and everything else came along with it. We found our sweet spot, an incredible market opportunity, excited suppliers and customers and a market size and business model that could get anyone excited. It was remarkably different from our first vision.

Its funny how when all this comes together, all these people say, “wow this is so much better than that first thing you explained to me.” So either you weren’t honest about what you felt about Bizly or you didn’t realize it till you heard this new vision. Either way, its energizing to know that all the hard work and effort following a process can lead you somewhere.

Getting to this point relies on the deepest level of LISTENING first and foremost. You have to truly listen to what the people around you are saying, and it will never be too obvious. Your ego will always battle the messages you hear. It will be very hard to accept that maybe you need to rip out and throw away all that stuff you sweat and labored over and start over again at the core.

If you work hard and listen to enough people, you will certainly become “lucky” enough to reap the rewards of the listening and re-inventing and get to a business model that sizzles. When this happens, your confidence will start to soar. Eventually you will end up in the “pitching strike zone”.

The pitching strike zone is an amazing spot. Walking into meetings just knowing that your solution is actually right for your partners, investors and the world at large. When you are in that zone, you have to keep pitching and pitching and pitching.

Because soon, times will change and the listening will come back and you’ll have to start over. Again.

CEO of Bizly, Lifelong Conquerer of Obstacles

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