Via Sebastien Felix at LE Miami 2016

My experience at LE Miami 2016

The show of all shows in luxury travel, LE Miami was an unbelievable experience. It was all so clear as I first arrived on day 1, walking into to a space filled with the euphoric beats of DJ Jared Deitch, bright pink neon lights etched into every inch of my periphery and a spirited crowd dressed in their casual best. And there was a palpable energy in the days that followed — hotel and travel professionals full of excitement, literally bouncing with glee, reconnecting with old friends and making new connections at every corner. Serge, CJ, Katie and the LE team were able to produce an event that truly went beyond.

The event kicked off with a Ministry of Ideas, where 12 individuals, including myself, were invited to share their Big Idea that could change the future of travel. As was the theme of the entire conference, the goal was not to report on trends, but rather to inspire them. To generate new ideas as a collective. And it worked. It seemed like every person was willing to be transcendent — to go beyond their ‘purpose’ and reflect on something greater. Never has this been so important for the industry as right now, with such a rapidly evolving landscape.

My Big Idea: Hotels are the Offices of the Future. 15 seconds, 15 slides, no pitching your company.

This conference wasn’t about stats and insights. It was about connecting. Spending real time with the leaders of the industry, going beyond work and getting to know each other at the human level. The focus on this type of interaction is something I’ve never experienced in a conference before. It was total immersion. It was rare to see anyone zoned into their phone or laptop and there’s something to be said for that. Perhaps the best word to describe it is trust — there was unspoken trust that being in the moment would yield unparalleled returns on the time and investment we all were making to be there.

The environment caused me to reflect on the future for Bizly and the opportunity we have to shape the culture of working at hotels. It is the truly the most significant new opportunity for the hotel industry and has the potential reinvent how professionals around the world think about the hotels in their backyard. The amount of consensus we achieved at LE Miami around this idea was incredibly exciting. Everywhere I went, I felt like someone wanted to learn more about Bizly and get involved in what we were doing.

Our mission is to deliver the world’s greatest meeting experience. Reflecting deeper on what I learned at the conference, we will look to transcend the purpose of the meetings at hand and focus on discovering — and creating — the right environments to foster connectivity, ideas and trust. Achieving this will require that we stay at the cutting edge of technology. That we build a curated global network of hotels that strive for meeting excellence. And that we to constantly integrate new ideas and technologies into our service at every touch point.

Ready to join the adventure?

CEO of Bizly, Lifelong Conquerer of Obstacles

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